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Characteristics: Ceo/Artist at FMG (Familio Music Group, Producers and Peers describe Chuck as extremely dedicated, honest, hardworking and committed.


Highlights of experience and Accomplishments: At the age of 18 Chuck Quorlion create his own record label " Familio Records", published and processed copyrights to beats and lyrics, produced other artist and sold over 40,000 units of duo projects "The Product", "The Resume" and "The Takeover". The album "The Product" was released in 2002 and sold over 10,000 units. "The Resume" was released in 2004 and sold over 15,000 units, which caught the attention of Ceo Den-Den of BBU Enterprise. Den-Den and the group Familio put together one of the hottest and most selling albums in Charles County history, "Tha ' Takeover" was released in 2005 and sold over 17,000 units out the trunk.

At 25 years old, the self-proclaimed "Chuck Quorlion" is about to make his presence known throughout the Rap music Industry. Chuck Quorlion, alias Charlie Davis was born and raised in Landover, MD. Chuck Quorlion has been rapping from a very early age, he credits his influences to Scarface and DMX , Just like Biggie and Jay- Z, Chuck Quorlion doesn’t' use a pen or paper to memorize his raps there strictly in his head.

His dedication to the studio and understanding the music business when it comes to doing songs with catchy hooks, delivery on the Mic, and self-promotion, etc., he has been catalysts in separating him from other aspiring artist who think they have what it takes just because they can freestyle for one hundred bars. "Only other rappers are caught up in those things, I make my music for those who are going to buy my music, period.” says Chuck Quorlion. Getting his work ethic from his large family has helped in promoting his career. I've seen how they struggled for a period of time, but through hard work and determination my family has achieved goals only a few people will ever reach."

Chuck Quorlion has sold over 70,000 mixtapes in which he and his Familio family have been on. He has made appearances on a variety of DVD’s as well; Chuck Quorlion has also performed shows at area clubs, colleges and universities with artist like his first cousin Lil Kim aka Queen B and will soon embark on a 10 city tour with other established artist.

Projects currently in the mix are: "Writtin in Blood 2" Available Now, "Boss Life" Mixtape coming July 2015 and solo album coming 2016. Distributing mixtapes (Da Sessid Mewed) in which sold over 5,000 units.

One of Chuck Quorlion's goals is to eventually executive produce for other aspiring artist. “I want to get my career jumped off first, and then I will go back and help others who supported me. I feel that the DMV area is about to take off and I want to be the forefront of the whole thing.”


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